Catfish have reached the Natural Park of Montseny and by extension to Vallès, an area where they had never seen each other before. 

As reported by the Rural Agents on Tuesday, a dead specimen of this gigantic fish has been located - almost a meter - downstream from the Vallforners dam, in the municipality of Cànoves i Samalús.

Rural Agents believe that the huge fish lived in the Vallforners swamp and was dragged out of the reservoir as a result of the recent downpours that caused it to overflow. In fact for a few days it could be seen how the water was rising above the swamp limit.

Agents remember that Catfish, which inhabits a large part of Catalan reservoirs, is an invasive exotic species. Until now they emphasize that their presence in the Montseny Natural Park was unknown. They do not inform whether there is a possibility that there are other specimens inside the swamp and the way it has arrived there. It is known, yes, that catfish reproduce very easily in boggy waters and can reach colossal dimensions of up to 2 meters and 100 kilos.