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Activities near our Apartments.
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Montseny, in the Dragon´s cave

From the Roca del Drac to the headquarters of the Cric circus, visit the Barcelona natural park, ideal for weekend excursions on foot, on horseback or by bicycle 
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An underwater dragon from Montnegre - Corridor wins the Photomontseny 2019

The competition was attended by 65 professionals with 805 photographs 
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The authentic wasabi grows in the Montseny

Two Catalans manage to reproduce one of the most complex Japanese crops on a farm in Viladrau 
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They locate a catfish of almost a meter in the Natural Park of Montseny

Catfish have reached the Natural Park of Montseny and by extension to Vallès, an area where they had never seen each other before. 
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Gualba is a municipality in Catalonia, Spain. Belonging to the province of Barcelona.
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